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When waiting for the bus driver in the morning to get to college. Always late? Use the 25 past rule. 25 past the hour? GO HOME! :)
Rick: Dude, does this bus ever turn up or what?

Tom: 25 past rule?

Rick: Schweet! xD
by Lowiee January 11, 2010
Said "It.....Burns!" With pause in the middle. Used when:

1. Burning of body part
2. When someone opens blind/curtain et al. in morning as light floods in

Action taken should be rolling around while covering face and closing eyes
Lois opened the blind and Kendra cried, "NO! It....(note the pause..) BURNS"
-Rolls around in bed- *ahem* >.> <.<

It Burns, BABY!!!!
by Lowiee October 29, 2009
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