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A fart that precedes a bowel movement. It smells horrible and gives you a clue that a stinky turd is soon to follow.
One guy: "Aww jeez, who stunk up the room?!".

The other guy: "Uh oh, I think that was a WARNING FART", with a look of panic on his face as he runs off to the can to take a massive dump.
#fart #dump #crap #turd #gasser #warning
by Low Class Loser July 10, 2008
A big erect dick.
I ought to be home right now giving her the HIGH HARD ONE.
#dick #tool #cock #penis #schlong #boner
by Low Class Loser July 10, 2008
Pseudo scientific nerd lingo for a girl that looks great from far away and then ugly as hell when you get up close to her. She looks like a shining star from across the room, but up close, she makes you shudder and cringe.
One nerd: "Hey check out that babe over there across the room".

Other nerd who's seen her up close already:
"Distal star proximal dog".
#nerd #lingo #distal #star #chick #girl
by Low Class Loser July 10, 2008
Oweblamo is a popular nickname for Obama, who is arguably the worst president in the history of this country. The Owe comes from consistently needing to borrow from China and from our future so he can spend money we don't have to further his socialist agenda, and to buy votes from campaign contributors. The Blamo refers to how he consistently blames everyone else for his failures, and never admitting that he doesn't have a clue how to lead as a president.
Oweblamo is such a lousy president, he makes Jimmy Carter look good.
#douche bag #leader #president #moron #idiot
by Low Class Loser December 12, 2011
A big fat windbag who benefits financially by convincing everyone that "Global Warming" is an actual issue to worry about, even though the changing output of the sun is what causes our variable global temperature, and CO2 only comprises .03% of our atmosphere -- mostly from natural sources like volcanos.
Oh my god, your Prius is so rad. Yes, I bought this piece of shit because Al Gore is a god and he made me see the light of my evil carbon footprint. Now I can feel pious in my piece of shit Prius and snub my nose at all you poor slobs who drive Chevys.
#windbag #hoser #fat #asshole #stuffed #shirt #al #gore #vice #president
by Low Class Loser November 06, 2008
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