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Sunbury, the town located between nowhere and nowhere, Central Pennsylvania. Over the years, Sunbury is becoming more and more like a ghetto, although not entirely astray from it's down-home-country-livin' background. Many of the Sunbury youth simply cross the Veterans Bridge to find themselves on 'The Strip', decorated brightly, like a poor man's Las Vegas, with fast food joints, a Mall, and tattoo parlors/hemp stores. 99% of the inhabitants are either employed by, or have family employed by Weis Food Service. Summer entertainment can be found in Knoebels Amusement Park, and many local gigs take place in nearby Shamokin at Lucky Fours.
"Have you ever heard of Sunbury?"


"It's in Central Pennsylvania."


"They live by the Marina."

"I think my car broke down there once on the way to a gig at Shamokin!"


by LoversTryst January 03, 2006

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