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3 definitions by Loveporn Cockonopolis

When a person, while ranting or talking too much, accidentally releases a secret, or factoid others were not suppose to know.
Jacob: "It was fun until your little Verbal Secretion!"

Anthony: I know, "I verbally secreted everywhere."
by Loveporn Cockonopolis November 11, 2011
2 0
An inanimate object often associated with the homosexual community.
Straight Male: "Look at that farfinugen!"

Fellow Straight Male: "Yeah that volkswagon beetle is so gay! Lets go back to our frat house and fuck freshman dudes!"
by Loveporn Cockonopolis November 13, 2011
1 2
External Female Masturbation, When a female rubs her clitoris for sexual pleasure.
Anthony: "Kelly did I walk in on you bead rubbing?"

Kelly: "Yes, I was rubbing the bead."
by Loveporn Cockonopolis November 11, 2011
6 8