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Acronym for an Urban Dictionary Certified Professional. Basically, one who is lucky enough and/or excels at getting entries accepted by Urban Dictionary.
Steven, your GISP is meaningless when compared to the accomplishments of Garth. I mean, dude, stop including it in every e-mail you send me. Garth is a true scholar as proven by his UDCP credentials. It even trumps Kyle's MBA and Nintendo DS masters.
#urban dictionary certified pro #true scholar #dap #credentials #urban dictionary #mba #gisp #nintendo ds masters
by Lovell from UT November 08, 2010
The sexual act where you spread your partners rectal flaps with the knuckles of your index and fore finger, then cum with the screwball on a count of two balls and one strike.
The bases were loaded so I slipped her a knuckleball. Garth, she definitely won't be walking home any time soon. Two balls, on strike, and I'm out - she was like WTF!
#rectal flaps #screwball #two balls and one strike #double switch #bases loaded #wtf
by Lovell from UT November 04, 2010
When one's family tree resembles a straight line - there is a clearly defined line running down to up but nothing much intersecting to provide movement to the left or right. This phenomenon is most commonly observed in eastern Utah and parts of the Deep South - those other pockets do exist.
Dude, welcome to Utah County, home of the Sister Wives. Hey, I might be a redneck, but even I'm not down with gene pool monopoly. Get me the hell out of this Truman Show.
#utah county #genetic monopoly #family tree #polygamy porter #sister wives #truman show
by Lovell from UT November 04, 2010
Not to be confused with the Florida State Seminoles - though a tomahawk chop and chanting are involved. Dropping your load in the face of your partner followed by spreading it on their face like war paint. Typically, right before climax you begin to chant, plant your sword in your partners face, and finish with the tomahawk chop just like Chief Osceola.
Dude, what the actual fuck are you doing? Hey, I'm getting my chant & tomahawk chop on - sounds like Adam is frosting another donut Florida State Semenhole style.
#tomahawk chop #florida state seminoles #chief osceola #frosting a donut #what the actual fuck
by Lovell from UT November 02, 2010
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