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3 definitions by Loudin Obnoxious

Self-appointed authority to make someone annoying go away. Gleaned from a similar phrase used by the cool "Bailiff Byrd" from the "Judge Judy" show.
Girl: What are you doing? Does this make me look fat? Can I bitch at you about all my girlfriends that I hate? Are you gonna just lie there all day and watch TV? Wanna go to the mall?

Guy: Thank you, you are excused, you may step out.
by Loudin Obnoxious July 18, 2008
Hey, can I come wif y'all?

Nah, we better wifout yo ass
by Loudin Obnoxious July 25, 2008
Short for "Coffee". Usually used when too tired or hung-over, and it's way too much effort to speak the entire word.
Jim,(upon awakening): "Fee?" (Has anybody made some coffee? / Will someone please bring me some coffee?)

Keven: (mumbles something unintelligible)
by Loudin Obnoxious July 24, 2008