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This broad enjoys beer bottles more than men. She will dance The Jerk with her bottle when a hot 1980's tune starts playing - something like "Losing My Religion." This long-legged freak of nature will catch the eye of a handsome stranger, set down a nice, tall brewski on the bar and then start deep-throating that mother fucker - the bottle, not the dude. Dude's girlfriend smacks him upside the head for staring. His buddy wants some action so he swiftly walks over and asks the Weiner Cleaner to dance to some thumpin' Tone Loc.
Dude: "Hey baby, nice action on the beer bottle. Wanna dance?"

Colleener The Weiner Cleaner: "I'd rather dance with my beer bottle all night. Besides, you need to ask my girlfriend for permission."
by LouWho2 June 15, 2011

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