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Laughing Quietly To Myself. An internet acronym to express laughter forr those that might not laugh out loud.
Mick: What is his problem?
Paul: What do you expect? He is fifty years old, lives in his parents basement, and probably spends his weekend blowing his cat. So, he's a little angry, wouldn't you be?
Mick: lqtm
by Lou Ripken #12 October 05, 2009
In fantasy sports; an owner realizes that a player left on the bench scored enough points that would have given him/her a win for that week.
Mick: Damn it, I played Ladanian Tomlinson this week instead of Frank Gore. If I had played Gore, I would've have won. Now I'm out $100 and my wife won't talk to me.
Paul: Damn, that's one hell of a case of bench remorse.
by Lou Ripken #12 October 03, 2009
When someone has reached such an incredible level of douchiness, it is almost unfathomable and is completely unbearable to others.
Paul: What the heck is his deal?
Mick: Well, he's 50, still lives in his parents' basement. He is angry at everything and spends his weekends probably blowing his cat.

Paul: Oh, you mean he's an Uber Douche.
Mick: Basically. Yeah.
by Lou Ripken #12 October 02, 2009

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