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The GREATEST Rock N Roll Band ever!!!

Some people compare them to the Beatles and try to choose a winner, but remember... The Beatles were a pop band, never a rock n roll band, the Stones are the definition of ROCK N ROLL, and the only rock n roll band of massive popularity to come out of the 60's.
Girl: I wanna listen to some rock, I'm gonna play Abbey Road
Rocker: Abey Road???? are you kidding?? It's a good album but it's not rock n roll! I don't feel the blues or the roll in it.
Girl: But I like all those Beatles songs, they're cute and melodic.
Rocker: I don't like children's music. You go listen to the beatles, I'm gonna listen to real rock n roll baby, I'm gonna listen to the Rolling Stones mofo, Let It Bleed bitch!!!!
by Loststone December 27, 2009
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