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The study of eating a dick. Usually an insult.
You SO got your doctorate in Eat-a-Dickology.
by Los Cineastas September 19, 2005
n. the tiny droplets of urine that inevitably cling to the interior of the urethra, no matter how much you shake or tap immediately after urination. these droplets are unfortunately always release only after the penis (a.k.a. wiener, wang, shlong, etc.) is back in the pants. The resulting moisture is often visible on the crotchal area of the trousers.
Damn, biatch, your dribblage is showing.
by Los Cineastas December 09, 2004
An orgasm derived from the pleasure of killing somebody.
A: Now I'm soaked in blood and jizz.
B: Murdergasm?
A: You know it.
by Los Cineastas September 20, 2005

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