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These definitions are terrible. You are stereotyping a group of people that you know nothing about. How dare you say that a soccer mom has nothing better to do with her life? Today's children will be paying for your social security someday, at least we are contributing to the pot by raising educated, well-adjusted, productive members of society! And FYI, in today's world, most soccer moms actually work full-time in addition to raising our children. We just have to work a little harder than you folks who believe that sleeping in is the ultimate goal in life. It's sad that when I search the internet for "soccer mom" to find gifts to say thanks to the ladies that are helping me with my league, that I have to run across crap like this, better yet, let's call it what it is...shit...So there, soccer moms also cuss when the situation calls for it. We just have created happy lives for ourselves where we don't have to cuss very often. After all, shouldn't happiness be the ultimate goal in life. Keep trying to justify your sad existance. Most soccer moms won't take time to contradict you. We are to busy contributing to society.
I am a controller for a publicly traded corporation. I have 3 children, 2 of which are old enough for competitive soccer. My husband works full-time in the computerized manufacturing industry, as well as owning his own drafting company on the side. He coaches 3 soccer teams each season; one for each of our daughters. I am the president of the league and manage 750 kids per year. All this, in addition to our jobs and raising 3 kids. Yet my children are at the top of their classes at school, they are happy and well-adjusted, they have friends and a social network to help them survive their upcoming teen-age years. All this takes an EXTREME amount of sacrifice from everyone involved in our lives, but the children of America are worth it. And I have issues with anyone who says otherwise. Perhaps I am what a "real" soccer mom is.
by LoriAnn September 04, 2005

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