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A person who is annoying, and makes unfunny jokes

An iddiot or gay

Someone who doesn't look attractive and thinks they are

Can also be used with "Dave" to create more impact on the word
He is such a "Dunbag"

Whatever "Dunbag"

Look at "Dunbag-Dave" over there, I hate that guy
by LordxRaven May 29, 2011
A dork, suckup, one who follows the leader without question, tries to be tough but secretly hides behind the leader.

One who has a gay low voice with no emotion.

One who has gay hair style, and color

A person who randomly appears at the end of a movie in the "bad guys" group and has a brief cameo then never seen again.
Hey yeah, look "dork lips", why don't you make yourself useful and get me a cold drink
by LordxRaven May 29, 2011

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