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1) An elaborate way to say "Yes." Usually followed by an exclamation mark.
"Are you coming to the mall today?"
by Lordessakkah August 22, 2008
1) Queen of the Mustache Men.

2) An evil alien from some distant galaxy who's soul purpose of coming to Earth was to destroy all life, but ended up being stopped in her tracks by an evil unibrow monster, and after killing the beast with her army of alien babies, she turned to good
1) "All hail Lordessakkah! Long live the Queen!!"

2) "Dude, better pluck that brow before Lordessakkah comes and murders you with a dildo."
by Lordessakkah August 22, 2008
1) When a black guy is getting ready to rob you of something, usually a car or money
"Dude, it's dark out here, you'd better look Between the Trees before you go in your house."
by Lordessakkah August 22, 2008
1. The fatty equivelent to Nom. Instead of "Om nom nom," it's "GROM NOM NOM NOM!!"

2. Hungry, starving, ready to chew your own arm off.
1. When my Aunt Sandie talks, all I hear is, "Grom nom nom!"

2. "I'm so hungry!! Grom nom nom!! Food!"
by Lordessakkah August 21, 2008

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