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A variation of Mac and Cheese. Instead of using milk for the cheese sauce, you use Jack Daniels.
Tom: Yo, you see last week's Epic Meal Time? They made some killer Mac and Jack.

Jerry: Dude I know! I made some last night and it was awesome!
by Lord_Squeaks January 10, 2012
Used as an alternate for defriending people off of Facebook.

action verb: The act of defriending a large group of people from one's Facebook because of a number of reasons (i.e. removing an ex, people you don't talk to any more, that random from the party last night, etc).

verb: to downsize one's Facebook friends
Tom: I decided to Facebook downsize after each school year.

Jerry: Yeah, I did some Facebook downsizing after I broke up with that whore Stacy. I didn't need her sorority Facebook stalking me anymore.
by Lord_Squeaks February 01, 2012

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