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A man of the black persuasion who works in a nightclub's toilet selling 'splash' (eau de toilette) to help customers in getting 'gash' (women) - usually initiating chants such as 'no spray no lay, no spray no lay' or 'freshen up for the poonani, poonani, poonani.'
That poo-in-the-loo smashed out some quality chat last night...'no paco rabanne, no touchy your bananne.'
by LordWillberforce May 01, 2011
To forgoe a shower and instead spray down with deodorant
You going to have a douche?

Nah mate, tactical shower.
by LordWillberforce May 05, 2011
The act of cunnilingus
Mate did you go down on her?

Yeah, love a bit of parseltongue
by LordWillberforce August 12, 2011

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