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A bundled program that comes with a preloaded computer. These apps rarely provide any useful service except for liberating hundereds of megabytes of hard drive space.
I got a new dell, but it took me two hours to get rid of the crapplications like Yahoo Jukebox.
#computer #program #software #useless #dell
by lordalchemist May 05, 2009
Adding air quotes to a sentence, without justification, usually used as a desperate maneuver when trying to keep an uninterested audience's attention. Often the audience must ponder the speaker's intent, searching for a double meaning that is rarely forthcoming.

Can be used in conjunction with if you know what I mean
Person using Flair Quote: ...So, after I poured the orange juice I "'Toasted'" a bagel, if you know what I mean.

Person 2: Uhm, no...?
#conversation #boring #air quote #double meaning #stupid
by LordAlchemist July 10, 2009
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