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A Smutbadger is a person who lurks around public places for anything that could possibly be dirty, including skimpy outfits, attractive people, or even dirty phrases.
Steve: Look at her ta-tas!

Johnny: I prefer Tragfutting.

Moriarty: You are both such Smutbadgers.
by Lord bennymort x] August 28, 2012
A Clutfangler is a person who usually dwells in darkness but occasionally comes out in search of women and food. A derogatory term, especially used against internet folk/gamers.
Steve is such a Clutfangler, he's been in hid room for days and only comes out to piss. Next thing you know he'll be a Smutbadger.
by Lord bennymort x] August 28, 2012
When someone dresses up as an eskimo and proceeds to have intercourse with two trout, by cutting off the tail of the first trout and jamming the other one's head into the newly opened hole.
"Hey, johnny totally Tragfutted those trout."
by Lord bennymort x] October 20, 2011
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