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The Navi princess of the fictional Omaticaya clan on pandora. She is one of the main protagonists in James Camerons Avatar. She ends up falling in love with Jake, an ex-marine who has joined the Avatar program in which he is able to take on the form of a navi, her influence on him has a very large impact on the events of the movie.
Hey did you hear that Zoe Saldana is going to play Neytiri in Avatar.
#zoe saldana #avatar #jake sully #mo'at #omaticaya #navi
by Lord Scrambles November 22, 2009
A fictional moon (often mistaken for a planet) that is the central location for James Cameron's Avatar. It is inhabited with many unique life forms and is rich with lush forests. It is also filled with Unobtainium to the point that large chunks of the land mass actually float. It is also home to the Navi, a sentient race of humanoid creatures that are forced in to war with humans, who are trying to destroy their home to mine for Unobtainium.
Dude I cant wait to see Avatar, have you seen how real Pandora looks!
#avatar #navi #james cameron #jake sully #neytiri #unobtainium
by Lord Scrambles November 22, 2009
A fictional race of sentient humanoid life. Their species lives on Pandora, a moon orbiting the Gas giant Polythemis. Their species are very similar to humans, excluding the fact that they have blue skin, tails, and are about three meters tall. They appear in James Camerons Avatar as a peaceful people that live in harmony with their unspoiled world. Their species is threatened by humans who wage war against them over their mineral rich land.
In Avatar the Navi refuse to let the humans destroy their planet.
#avatar #neytiri #jake sully #omaticaya #pandora
by Lord Scrambles November 22, 2009
"No props" is a fairly new saying. It is a shorter way of saying "No problem/s" in a manner that expresses a willingness to help. It is not a very formal saying and is often used between casual friends.
Guy 1: Hey dude thanks for helping me move that junk in to storage.

Guy 2: No props man.

Guy 1 and Guy 2 High five.
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by Lord Scrambles February 20, 2010
1. A condition in which someone is so in love with a game, movie, etc. that they wish they could live in the fictional universe that game or movie takes place in and are brought down by the realization than they can not.

2. A condition in which someone is so in love with a game, movie, etc. that they wish they could be the central character of that piece of media, and are disapointed thinking their lives suck in comparison.

(Common causes): Avatar (film), Mass Effect, D&D, WOW, Star Trek.

Guy 1: Hey dude whats wrong?
Guy 2: I was just thinking, nothing seems to come close to being as amazing as anything on Pandora.
Guy 1: I think you may be suffering from a bad case of Avatar nerd depression.
Guy 1: Hey dude can you cover for me at work?
Guy 2: Commander Shepard doesnt have to cover for his Co-workers! He saves the galaxy then sleeps with Tali!
Guy 1: Holy shit dude calm down! looks like you got a bad case of Mass Effect nerd depression.
#nerd depression #nerd #depression #post mortem #post game #geek #geek depression #obsesion
by Lord Scrambles February 21, 2010
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