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4 definitions by Lord Pandiora

Some one who doesn't care what gender people are, or what they define themselves as - will sleep with, fall in love with, etc., regardless.
J: I'm a pan sexual.
M: Do you fuck pans?
by Lord Pandiora June 19, 2006
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1. Working with people where their at
2. The alternative to preachy outreach
3. Being practical when working with people; baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle
4. Tool of the Progressive Movement
Paper Pusher: You need to stop smoking cigarettes, or else you'll die.
Smoker: Fuck You.

Outreach Worker: Just try to smoke like one or two less a day, there are hella chemicals in that dude, and like one or two a day less - years on your life, years.
Smoker: Maybe, what do you mean 'hella chemicals'?

Now which one is Harm Reduction?
by Lord Pandiora November 04, 2006
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a replacement/equivalent for a sigh, endearment, murmer or mutter. Can be muttered or moaned as a display of empathy, understanding or just for the fun of it.
"Lupa," she sighed, hearing about a sorrowful event for which she could do nothing.
by Lord Pandiora February 13, 2007
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The difference between liberals and progressives is the difference between thought and action.

Aware, consienctous, flexible, realistic;
Promoters of Harm Reduction.
Journalist: Are you liberal or progressive?
Paper Pusher: Liberal. Isn't Progressive an Era?

Journalist: Are you liberal or progressive?
Outreach Worker:What do you think?
by Lord Pandiora November 04, 2006
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