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juschill: A hip combination of the 2 words "Just" and "Chill" to create the lazy persons word that can be used for many situations where telling one to "relax" or "calm down" or "be easy" is appropriate.
"Dude I swear she's cheating on me! She hasn't said the L word back to me in like 4 hours!"

"juschill okay, stop being so retarded"



"can you please juschill for one second? we can sort this out, it's going to be okay man... it really is... *hug*"

"thanks bro.. you're always there for me"

"juschill okay..."
by Lord Muffin Face December 26, 2009
The G Zone is not a landmark, or something associated with a physical barrier or area of space, it is a parameter that links a number of very important members of ones social group into a hierarchy of dopeness and awesomeness. When all very important members of this specific social group are intertwined together in what can only be described as an epic relationship between comrades, it constitutes the title of none other than "The dopest cunts in society today and for the rest of existence". However, when certain members of the G Zone are "dogging" for other things/people, the G Zone fades, and the rest of the members start to become rudimentary again, and blend in with the rest of society as everyday average normal mother fuckers.
"Hey man wanna get the G Zone up this weekend and have a mad chill sesh?"

"We can't man, jimmy is being a dog and ditching the G Zone for the Pussy Zone"

"Fucking asshole"
by Lord Muffin Face January 31, 2010
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