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a combination of two insults...
1 - "jig"...abbreviated version of jigaboo - a racial slur against blacks.

and a

2 - "pig"..any fat white woman...particularly those who like to write to prison inmates.
Well, check it out! A "jig and a pig"!
Any woman who refuses to have sex for (apparently) no good reason. References the stereotype of Jews as stingy, hoarding and ungenerous...combined with the slang meaning of "ass" (pussy, vagina, stank, cunt, puddin, poontang, et al) the indication is of one stingy with "ass".
She won't give it up - she's an assjew...
A male homosexual. Probably originates from the tendency of male homosexuals to engage in anal sex with each other.
Better not go in there - those guys are Shit-cravers.
male sex organ, the penis, the dick, the bone, the rod.
Hey Ee-dit, slobber around on my crank dere will ya?
Ahab...based on an ancient King of Israel who pissed God off seriously (1 Kings 16:30). Ahab - an asshole or very stupid person.
Rush Limbaugh is a fat-assed Ahab.
An asian / Oriental girl.

So named from the high-pitched sound they make when penetrated by anything larger than a pinky. "yee-yee-yee-yee-yee-yee-yee"
just watch a japanese porno sometime.

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