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A look from a female to a male that expresses sexual interest.
The leggy blonde at the bar won't stop staring at Kevin. She's been giving him the dick eye all night long.
by Lord Fuelfire June 06, 2004
Derived as a combination of the words "hoochie" and "floozie". A hoozie is a young, at least mildly attractive woman whose sole purpose to a man is sexual gratification.
"Is that Brendan's girlfriend?"

"No, that's just some hoozie he picked up at the laundromat last week."
by Lord Fuelfire July 15, 2004
A half-man, half-monster supervillain with large bat wings, rocket booster boots and blades dripping from every appendage.

Slithorex Slapaho, a popular music artist, pays homage by his name.

Dude, you don't want me to drink too much or I'll get all Slithorex on your ass and rough you up proper!
by Lord Fuelfire April 25, 2008

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