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A girl with an amazing and deep personality. She often loves the outdoors. She always gets caught daydreaming in class, or anywhere for that matter. She is someone who you can trust. You could have a serious conversation with her and then she will make you laugh right after. She is always happy. She is someone who will laugh at all the stupid jokes. She tends to keep her secrets because she dosen't trust. If you break down her walls, she will tell you anything. She gives great advice, but never recieves any. She will stay up till the wee hours of night just to talk to you. If you do end up gaining her trust, don't hurt her. You are lucky. They often seem quiet and content at first. But if you hurt them, prepare to have your ass kicked! Get to know a Hannah, I am sure you won't regret it.
Yeah, I know Hannah! You should to, she is amazing!
by Loose_Change March 27, 2013
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