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2 definitions by LoopeDawg

a group of musicians who use several styles of vocal and/or intrumental talent. Mixed music groups can contain guitar or drums, as seen in rock and roll, rapping, trumpet and horns like from early jazz, and strong vocal and lyrical performance. Mixed musical groups have no affeliation with the emo craze or pussy rap following of the early 2000s.
Greg grabbed harmonica, Traa played some guitar, I took bongos and lead vocals. This was our mixed music group.
by LoopeDawg January 10, 2007
7 1
a derogatory term used when describing someone. alternate spellings: tray, trae, tre', or tra. only use if you really intend on making someone feel shitty.
suck my dick you fucking traa.
by loopedawg January 26, 2007
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