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1) n. A well known guild in the MMORPG game called "MapleStory". "BFPolice" operates with one single purpose in mind--to ruin game for other players. Instead of enjoying the game as it was meant to be played, they spend all of their play time gathered on maps which spawn a high leveled, sought-after boss known as "Big Foot". When an unsuspecting player goes to try and kill the boss, BFPolice does one of two things: gang up and KS the player until he/she gives up or dies, or if the player is too strong for all of them to handle (which is quite often), they use disconnect hacks to crash the players game. At this point, it is common for them to taunt their victim with pathetic in-game threats which run along the lines of "stay away from my BF noob, or I'll have you lock you out** from the game!". To do so completes the final step of their pathetic endeavor to make them feel good about themselves, as this is the only way for this congregation of no-lifers to ever get any kind of recognition from real people (since they clearly fail miserably at it in real life).
** 'locking out' being when they disconnect hack a player over and over every time a player logs in. Of course, there is no real way to keep track of when a player logs in or not, so they actually waste their lives manually tracking and disconnect hacking all players who oppose them. Of course for members of BFpolice, it's not a waste of their lives, because they never had one in the first place.
"OMG, my mom just grounded me because I went out with my friends! I think she's jealous, she should go join BFPolice!"

BF Police: "This is BFPolice, stay away from our BF or we will be forced to KS you."

Player: "get a life"

BF Police: "Sorry, but I can't comply."

Player 1: "Stop KSing me man, who do you think you are, BFPolice???"
Player 2: "Hell no, I actually have friends!"
by LookinATAwinna October 07, 2010

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