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A goofmeister is a person who presents a specific type of goofy behaviour in serious situations. It is easily noticed by individuals surrounding the goofmeister, which will either cause them to ignore his immature acts or admire him for his goofery.
Taylor is the goofmeister of the team, he always does stupid shit when we're supposed to take it seriously !
by Lookash93 February 05, 2010
A disease only occurring in females. Its symptoms include a below average mammary gland size, in severe cases, even non existant breasts. It can be cured by surgically by inserting breast impants or taking hormones. Females sufferring from Smalltititis are usually found less attractive by the male population.
Dude #1: Dude, look at that chick. She's so flat, I think her mom used to iron her chest when she was younger.
Dude #2: Ye dude, she probably has Smalltititis, my ex-girlfriend had it. It's pretty serious.
by Lookash93 June 01, 2010

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