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Mishi a person fun loving careless and never boring. Always sweet to everyone close.
She is so sweet she must be a Mishi.
by Ramzie April 09, 2009
it is the name given to the most beautiful girl in the world, she has an amazing body and an amazing taste in music, she always knows how to cheer people up even when she is in the worst of moods. when in doubt look for a beautiful girl with an amazing body listening to old classics and ask her to cheer you up
wow is that a mishi over there, she looks amazing and i can hear savage garden playing
by D3thAng3l December 28, 2011
mi-shi - chinese for silent soldier, a tattoo on the bodies of the silent solider crew

ever heard of a mishi?
by Serrant! October 08, 2008
see queer
all those kids playing ddr sure are mishi....fuck im starting to sound like them
by loop June 07, 2003

antonym -uber1337
er u fat mishi
by *OoChIe* June 05, 2003

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