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A term describing a prolonged stage of particularly underdeveloped emotional health. Symptoms include a sense of entitlement, in spite of little or no actual earned accomplishment, and a sometimes astonishing lack of elementary and basic character, seen particularly in the inability to edit one's own words or behavior.
Though the man was in his early 30s, his childish remarks and impetuous behavior showed that he was developmentally stuck in a major Kiffin.
by LongWayfromHome February 06, 2010
In the act of wiping one's bottom, when the toilet paper tears and, inadvertently, a finger plunges into the butt hole. (Occurs especially when using cheap toilet paper or when wiping too hard). Can result in a stinky fingernail.
Guy in toilet: Oh, dude, gross!
Guy outside: What happened?
Guy in toilet: I was wiping and I accidentally did the one-fingered butt plunge.
by LongWayfromHome September 07, 2010
When the toilet looks like it's not going to flush, but suddenly lets go at the last minute. Happens especially when you start digging for the plunger. Ususally a pleasant surprise (especially when in a strange bathroom with no plunger).
Guy triumphantly emerging from bathroom: "Flush fake-out! I thought I was going to have to wrestle that turd down the toilet, but just as I reached for the plunger it let go all on its own."
by LongWayfromHome September 23, 2010

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