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A Juggalo is the male equivilant to a Juggalette. A male fan to the horrorcore rap group, ICP.
They tend to wear over priced ICP t-shirts that they bought from Hot Topic with their mother's or father's hard earned money. Their shirts can differ from Twizid, Blaze, Boondock, or any other crap ass horrorcore artist. They also wear TRIPP pants to either hide the fact that they're oversized even for America's standards or because they really do believe that it makes then look unique. Ironically enough, they shop at Hot Topic though most of the Juggalo gang members hate emos, goths, or scene kids.
Juggalos tend to be ignorant, stupid, and pussiesh. They are also boarderline pedophiles. They range from the age of 18 - 32 and fuck girls who are 12 - 17.
They're really more bark than bite.
Most of the time they're unemployed but there are the few that have low-income jobs and waste it on ICP tickets, merchindise, weed, and faygo.
I would love to finish this description with a friendly and lovely fuck you to all Juggalos and their warped ass minds. Just because you listen to ICP doesn't mean you're amazing. Get out of your Mommy's make-up, quit drawing on your face, get a real job, go to college, and get rid of your 15 year old "baby momma".
Juggalo: Bitch! I be down wiff da clowns all day every day! I drink dat faygo! Smoke dat weed! And I be tappin dat ass!

Person: Dude, shut up, you're like 40. Why are you at a school?
by LongLiveTheDead August 06, 2011

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