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Verb {past participle, past tense of Rudy} - To be trapped in a conversation which seemingly takes hours to conclude, during which time you find yourself wishing that the stuttering clown that is talking to you would simply blow your brains out to quell the agony brought on by the idiotic discussion.

In all cases, the conversation leads nowhere and is an absolute waste of 17 minutes of your time (minimum).

Overhearing colleges being 'Rudied' may also cause you to lose concentration, take up heavy alcohol/drug use or drive you to abuse your wife and rape your best friends sister.
Engineer 1: What coating should I specify on this part?

Engineer 2: Better check with Rudy.


Engineer 1: Hey Rudy, what coating would you suggest I use to protect this part from corrosion?

Rudy: Well -ahhh, baahhdaaadada, ummmm wellahhhhadadadada...... AHhahaaa Zinc... Cadmium... Ahhhhdadaaaaa....

(23 minutes later)

Engineer 1: You son of a bitch! That got me nowhere!! I was in there for 20 minutes!! We’re supposed to be best friends! Why would you send me in there to get Rudied?!

Engineer 2: I know... I heard the whole thing... My bad bro… Hey, where does your sister live again?
by LongDistance123 May 17, 2012
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