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3 definitions by Lone wolf

Origin unknown. Verb. Meaning: the act of taking a lady from behind sexually whilst she is vomitting due to heavy drinking. Alledgedly sexual excitement is heightened due to the pelvic contractions generated by the vomitting action and the helpless state of the drunken willing partner.
The missus was sick as a dog last night and I gave her a good wolfbaggin. Nothing like a good wolfbaggin after a heavy night out.
She was bending over the toilet, throwing up so I lifted her skirt pulled her knickers down and wolfbagged her.
by Lone wolf April 23, 2005
Name of an Album by the Eels.
Damn, that Shootenanny! album buy the Eels rocks.
by Lone Wolf September 21, 2003
An inferior definition for "yang achi".
You spelled "ggang peh" wrong, kangpeh.
by Lone Wolf July 03, 2003