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1 definition by Lollib

A Granola type who bakes cakes for the moon as 'offerings', thinks tofu and tahini are great breakfast choices, and who's idea of style is to wear multiple layers of cheap market clothes made in Cambodia from dried grass and colored using low impact dyes such as menstrual blood and compost bin'discharge'.

Luggage of choice; cane basket
Favourite Artist; Enya
Instrument of choice; Harp
Hobbies; mosaics, macrame, meditation, mime, moon dancing, muesli making and any other earthy pursuit starting with M.
The 'yoghurt weavers' formed a circle of light at the 'Breathe your way to Wholeness and Bliss' festival in honour of the Playtypus that had been found floating belly up in the nearby creek.
by Lollib August 15, 2006