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The real Loyola is like a drama filled reality show. Another day, another drama. In a school with 200 kids everyone has secrets yet everyone thinks they know everything about each other. Besides all the drama the school is great and we really have a good time. Yeah, a lot of people smoke cigs and do drugs but that's their decision and just because they do it doesn't mean you have to do it too. The school is awesome because it doesn't have a rep like other schools in the city do. Most of the kids that go here will claim on a daily basis "i hate loyola" when in truth they go home and they realize they love it because they can be who they want to be at loyola. What the other person said about the stereotypes at loyola, it's funny because the school is so small everyone kind of owns their own little stereotype. there's such a small number of people that they all kind of do their own thing. in addition, what the other person said about loyola ruining the freshman... so not true. the freshman did it to themselves by throwing a party in a teachers house... hello? that's really dumb. Loyola is a great school and it's a beautiful building with great classrooms. Yeah there are a lot of preppy stuck up white kids there but what do you expect with a tuition like they have? enjoy it. you're going to high school with future CEOs. basically, Loyola is the shit.
Loyola Student 1: Let's totally go rage tonight after we do our homework

Loyola Student 2: Yeah that will be awesome I just need to finish my AP Calc homework

Loyola Student 1: isn't it awesome how we can be smart and rage at the same time?

Loyola Student 2: yeah, i just totally love loyola school

prep school awesome cigs
by LolliLolliLolliLolliLolli September 07, 2009

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