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55 definitions by Lola

best character ever on Southpark, a pot smoking towel,
towley got high and just wandered off one day
by lola January 09, 2005
105 37
The lemur - the most awesome animal on the planet, found naturally only in Madagascar. The ringtailed lemur is the most widely known (like zaboomafoo, or however it's spelled), and looks like a bit of a cross between a cat/fox/raccoon.
Hey, let's go to the zoo and look at the lemurs!
by Lola April 01, 2005
91 25
a person that is especially good looking
Look at that fine ass guy!
by lola March 19, 2003
86 28
A word used to describe someone who is insanely gorgeous and has a godly ass.
Sexalicious is a word and it describes me.
by Lola March 10, 2004
77 24
what a man cannot live without
man: babie girl...i cant live without your pusseta
woman: i knew that
by lola May 31, 2005
55 11
Derived form Francesca Lia Block novels.
Meaning, cool, groovy, etc.
Also shortened to 'slink' for an easiability of sayage.
Also used before other adjectives as an adverb.
"Man, 'Fight Club' is fucking slinkster!"

"Yeah, well I think you're pretty slink yourself!"

"This song is slinkster-groovy"
by lola January 21, 2005
45 6
1. plural of breasts
2. two or more boobs
3. not only one boob
My breastages are so huge that they are coming out of my shirt.
by lola May 17, 2004
41 4