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62 definitions by Loki

A Russian anomaly. Like Jesus, did unexplainable things, except that Rasputin was evil.
They didn't just stab, shoot, burn, and kick him, they also poisoned him and drowned him, and yeah, he was still somewhat alive.
by Loki July 03, 2003
17 40
An alternate spelling of the term 'low key' meaning a person who keeps things on the low so no one knows.
This man is loki, ain't no one gonna know something he knows.
by Loki February 17, 2005
10 43
'Take the eternal dark heart, that fragile glass heart, and place it back from whence it came, so that it may know eternal rest...'

Also Invicta of the Catwings
by Loki January 16, 2004
21 55
pwned is just a word "invented" by some g33k who didn't know teh difference between teh o and teh p,
what he actually tried to write was owned but instead wrote pwned, that's how teh word pwned wuz "invented"
case closed
owned <=> pwned o and p is next to each other on teh keyboard
by LoKi March 05, 2004
32 69
Meaning sweet or kick ass.- often used when something crazy occurs. when said it is proper to give your friend props
by Loki July 28, 2003
17 66
A Fagget that Plays cs.
Seek likes men and plays cs
by LoKi August 06, 2004
17 72
Another word for cheese.
Put some heyzeus on that burger bitch
by Loki October 07, 2003
21 80