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1 definition by Logic_JO

2Pac = Ultimate rapper
I am 19 yo and started to listen to 2Pac from '96 right after I read about him being killed. Just wanted to see who the fuck is that guy that appears on the news that it was killed and shit....oh by the way I'm from Romania not US so here 2Pac was only heard and seen on MTV...anyway I started listening to his tracks and I was amazed...he is fuckin' right...everything he says on every track is true and also the tracks have rythm and excellent lyrics...this is a very rare thing for most of the "rappers" nowadays. 2Pac has helped me more than anyone could imagine...listening to Pac everything became clear so I learnt to stay away from "friends" that want to "help" me also he inspired me to take my life in my own hands...I stayed off the penitenciary only because I had all the time Pac's word in my head, I had many friends who are now doing time, even close friends, but thanks to Pac I'm out and I'm living my life....anyway the main reason why I told you these things was to emphasize that I won't accept to see an egocentric stupid motherfucker who calls himself "god of rock" that no one heard of his punk ass to start dissin' a guy like TUPAC SHAKUR. If you really think aritculated, "God of Rock" keep the name of 2Pac out of your dick sucking mouth....that's all I had to say....greetings from Romania...Here 2Pac is loved also
by Logic_JO August 26, 2006