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Reffering to a police lights which flash because of a person breaking the law while they observe it via police cruiser
the result of papparazi taking many pictures
a song by rapper Kanye West off of his recent album "Graduation"
"man, you gotta stop! there cops ar FLASHING LIGHTS!!!"

"those FLASHING LIGHTS are going straight to Tmz"

example of lyrics from flashing lights by kanye west

"I tried to hit you with the o wokie
Till I got flashed by the paparazzi
Dang these niggers got me
I hate these niggers more than nazis"
by Lodeman11 June 10, 2008
Texting term for "I Dont Know And I Don't Give A Shit". Use when you neither know about or care about a situation
Guy 1: Hey dude, did you ever think about how hand sanitizer is made?

Guy 2: Idkaidgas buddy.
by Lodeman11 February 03, 2010

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