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A term used when someone tells you to listen to them, and you object, cutting them off mid sentence with this obnoxious phrase. Normally the person who is interrupted will be confused and stunned, giving the other person a chance to rebuttal and embarrass them.
Dan: "Okay, that's enough, Listen-"

William: "LISTEN WOOL, baby, we like to fook. Fook all the time"

Dan: "No I-"

William: "We fook all the time baby!"
by LocAsian November 02, 2011
A tactic used by "elite" players in battlefield or call of duty. Usually they think that by getting the drop on another player who probably wasn't paying attention or possibly having a life, makes them special in some way shape or form. The solution to this usually is simple, where you knife them on the next wave, round, level, and instantly their tune has been changed
George: Hey, that guy thinks he's cool by bullet bagging you after you were trying to snipe those guys on the hill

Jim: Yeah, but after I re-spawned on you, I knifed him, so let's see if he'll try that again now that I have his dog tags and his family will never be able to identify his corpse.
by LocAsian November 02, 2011
A person who uses a shotgun as their primary weapon, and will often justify using said weapon to counter people who use longer range weapons as their main weapon.

People are often angry at these shotgun negro supreme, mainly because their shotguns are close quarters weapons and take one hit to kill an enemy, where as their guns take several

In Gears of War 3, Shotgun negro supreme's use the sawn off shot gun

In call of duty, the double barrel or the 1887's is shot gun negro supreme weapon
Dude, did you see that stupid girl using the sawn off?

Yeah, she's a shotgun negro supreme
by LocAsian November 02, 2011

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