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Marine Park, brooklyn is prob the illest place in Brooklyn and it has the usial....a lot of Irish and Italians. Look this is what it is coming from the kid who lives there. mp is a neighborhood tha has kids hmm...getting high or drunk...and if ou can think of anything else well, please tell me. In Marine Park the parents dont kno shit...well most of the, the rest just pretty much dont give a shit..Marine Park has numerous groups/gangs such as, M.P.K./Marine Park Kings...which is blood,then there is M.P.B./Marine Park Boys...which is blood...Now to Ave S.....That is where the shit happens..well it was intill the fucking 5.0 rolled in and will arrest a five yr old if he was standing there...Marin Park is bigger, badder, tougher and more g than any other neighborhood in Brooklyn and we prove it so dont fuck with us....got it...
look at who we are not where we are before you judge our neighbor hood......mMarine Park, brooklyn is the one and the only!
by Loadid August 08, 2007

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