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3 definitions by LoSt CuaZe

Rakim this crazy cat who revolutionized and took hip hop 2 a new level with his lyrical content he's responsible 4 such products as eminem he alone holds the greatest mind in hip hop.
Rakim My Lord!
The Wild Style Fashiona
Paragraph Embasador
The God
by LoSt CuaZe June 17, 2004
The top EMCEE at Verdugo Hills High rocks the small ghetto town of Tujunga.
aka as jonny
YO LoSt CuaZe Flipped!
U c LoSt CuaZe skeet on that skeeza.
your the fuckin man LoSt CuaZe!
by LoSt CuaZe June 17, 2004
Ruben a punk ass hater bean eating princess who thinks he's higher than other when he's a mark ass trick he tends 2 loves skeeza who got skeet on.
Hey Ruben your gay
Ruben why u hate
Ruben linda got skeeted on
by LoSt CuaZe June 17, 2004