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Something that's impossible to find because everyone wants to only hire experienced people even though you can't get experience if no one will hire you, and they're too damned lazy to train you.
Finding a job is such a pain.
by loser September 27, 2004
Fear of homosexuals, usually found in guys. Truthfully makes no sense, considering lesbians are homosexuals. Can we say "double standard"?
Homophobic Guy:John is such a fag. Lets
go beat him up!
2nd Homophobic Guy: Nah man, lets go
ask Jane and her gilrfirend to let
us watch them have sex!I love
by loser December 30, 2003
the face one makes while cumming
"and if things go well, i might be showin' her my o-face...'oh oh oh!'"
by loser November 20, 2003
This phrase means "blow of mercy" in french, and is used to describe the deathblow intended to end the suffering of a mortally wounded victim.

It can also be used figuratively to refer to a finishing touch of any sort.

While the correct pronunciation is similar to "coo de grahce". It (in english) is usually pronounced as "coo de gra"...with the final "s" sound being left out.
The elven hero, upon seeing his former nemesis struggling for breath, performed a quick coup de grace, ending its suffering.

George had never had much luck with these matters, and
after all that'd happened, losing his wallet was the coup de grace that spurred him to tears.
by LoSeR June 19, 2006
Someone blind to the irony of their rags-to-riches story
He's more machine now than man, twisted & evil....
by Loser March 11, 2005
An excuse for using the term "Gay" in a negative way, without seeming to be offensive. However, changing the spelling of the word doesn't change how offensive it can still be to homosexuals.
Person1: That's ghey!
Person2: Dude, don't use that word.
Person1: But I'm spelling it g-h-e-y.
Person2: Dude, that doesn't matter, it's still offensive.
Person1: Well, that's ghey!
Person2 thwacks Person1
by Loser February 18, 2005
Usually tan dress shoes that have stiches or stripes along the side of them
'You might have to get you a pair of Scooby Doos for this one.' - Jay z, Excuse Me Miss
by loser May 28, 2003
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