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Nigger Lover, often mistaken for a derogetory term for the word "nigger" is actually something to describe the a white person who is so afraid of speaking becasue they think what ever comes out of a white persons mouth is racist. They hate themselves so much for being white because they somehow feel that all white people are the ultimate oppresors even though Egypt did the most slave work, so did Native Americans and Africans amongst themselves before the Europeans came.

Basicaly, a white person who hates white people and wishes they were not white, usually wanting to be black as they somehow think wearing their pants below their knees, talking like they have not half a brain, living off welfare, and contracting AIDs is cool
Pussy: "a group on facebook about all white people, how could this not be racist? white people are the reason why our world is so screwed up, they enslave, they kill, and they take land that they don't deserve. the world would be better without white people"

Future Respectable Rich White Man: "Yeah thats why all the best countries in the world are all white and speak English you fucking nigger lover, you call us ignorant yet it seems you don't know half of it"
by Lloydminmarc February 14, 2009
A more intense version of "foig." Foig tends to be a Vancouver word, much like the word "ceeb." The origins of both words cannot be certain though in terms of which school started using them first. In this case though, VC started troig along with its many extensions. Troig means tripple foig, hence a more intense version of foig.
Jack "Yo that big foig is walking towards us, lets all call him a troig when he walks by... TROIG!"

Andrew "hahaha what a Lloyd!"
by Lloydminmarc February 03, 2009

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