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2 definitions by Lloydeez

its a special friend, who you fuck
andy, have you ever heard of the term fuck buddy? its a special friend, who you fuck
by Lloydeez August 05, 2006
A thrifty animal that shops in bulk. Is known to eat excessive amounts of onions and play Travian for hours on end. Is very prone to arguments when it feels insulted or that it is more educated than you on a subject (i.e. sports, sports rules, soccer, baseball, umpiring, and place kicking) Is known to wear head bands and take frequent daily naps. The Yanimal averages 18 hours of sleep on a normal weekday. When he is not cooking, sleeping, selling things on ebay for a $2 profit, the Yanimal is very loyal and friendly.
Where is the Yanimal?
The Yanimal is sleeping, he just ate 9 onions, then played Travian for 19 hours straight.
by Lloydeez January 23, 2007