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2 definitions by Lloyd Wabbit

A message board or web site set up with the intention of trolling unsuspecting registrants. The reverse of traditional trolling, where the message board is invaded by trolls looking to cause mischief. In the case of a Fly Trap, the targets come to it.
"Hey did you see that message board? What a bunch of idiots! How can people be that stupid? I argued with them for days, and got nowhere!"

"Dude, the place is a Fly Trap. You've been trolled."
by Lloyd Wabbit July 30, 2009
12 2
An activity where gay men stand in a circle around a piece of bread and masturbate. The last person to ejaculate on the piece of bread must eat it. A variation on the "Circle Jerk".
Strow and Graeme went to a bread party the other night.
by Lloyd Wabbit August 31, 2008
50 46