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new jersey. if youre from here you know the following:
1. people only go to camden to buy drugs or alcohol illegally.
2. people only go to trenton to buy drugs or to attend the puerto rican day parade.
3. every summer you go down the shore and get cheese fries on the boardwalk.
4. the white horse circle in trenton requires skill; the red lion circle in southampton does not.
5. you'll see at least 12 kids from your high school at wawa in the morning, getting a wawa green tea, breakfast sandwich, 20 oz coffee, or hoagie for lunch.
6. 711 ATM machines charge $1.50 per transaction.
7. if you must go to camden, newark, or trenton at night, lock your doors and make sure your windows are up. also, if you are a fan of rap music, turn it off. you will get jumped and/or shot.
8. bonfires and miller light in southampton are your weekend plans, every weekend. (south jersey)
9. speeding on 295 is an art. go 90 mph but make sure you slow down when you go past the rest stop right before the florence exit. theres always a statey being shady and waiting there for you in the insert.
10. take the back roads to lbi, atlantic city, cape may, seaside, and wildwood. getting pulled over on the garden state expressway or the acx isnt worth the 4 points itll put on your license.
in a circle, "Yield" is a merging technique. other new jersey drivers will say you cut them off, but will proceed to do the same thing in a matter of seconds.
by Llana November 07, 2005

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