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A type of shoe. They were back around the 1950's. They were the first basketball shoe made. Now they are mostly worn by "rock" figures or others similar to them.
Yesterday, I bought a pair of black converse!
by Lizzy xD July 29, 2005
A liquid which is made for putting on nails. It dries so it won't come off for a couple of days or using nail polish remover. Used by girls and some guys who are punk rock or gay. There are various colors to choose.
Today I painted my nails lime green.
by Lizzy xD July 29, 2005
A website similar to habbo hotel where you can chat with others around the globe. You have a pixel which you can dress. Then you get a studio where you can have parties, games, ect. Now is known as mycoke.com but still the same. You play games and do surveys, then you get decibals. With your decibals, you can spend it on virtual furniture for your room.
Call me later when you go on cokemusic because I want to start a party in my studio.
by Lizzy xD July 30, 2005
A clothing line made by a band called Simple Plan.
I just bought a Role Model shirt!
by Lizzy xD July 29, 2005
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