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3 definitions by Lizzie-monster

A girl who is evil, and has psychotic tendencies. A foul swearword, but has funny conontations.
She went all psychobitch on me...
by Lizzie-monster July 19, 2006
30 16
An exclamation of anger, concern for the others well being, and an affirmative of the stupidity of others.
You're a folly fish.

Ye, all schizo folly fishes, slimey and wet ye all are! Die.
by Lizzie-monster July 19, 2006
0 1
A newbie in a computer game or in any sort of technology (computer). Term used by leet speakers, and by people like me, who like laughing at all thing 1137.
Hey, nub biscuits, whatcha have for breakkie today, nubsuop? Nubcake
by Lizzie-monster July 19, 2006
9 15