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(noun) When you're doing work that's not the work you should be doing, but instead of just procrastinating you're being semi-productive and doing something that's not really important but still relates to your task.

also: (verb) to semi-productively procrastinate

Similar to pro-crastination, but not nearly as productive. Different in that semi-productive procrastination is still about what you should be doing, and can actually lead to what you should be doing.

Similar to productive procrastination, but different in that when you semi-productively procrastinate, what you're doing still relates a little to what you SHOULD be doing but just isn't it.
kid 1: "Hey are you working on that soc. paper due tomorrow?"
kid 2: "Kinda. I've spent the last hour making an outline for what we're supposed to be writing about."
kid 1: "He didn't ask for an outline."
kid 2: "Yeah I know. I'm semi-productively procrastinating."

parent: "Stop procrastinating on your book report!"
kid: "It's not procrastination -- I'm just reading the book first and then answering the questions."
parent: "Instead of answering as you read?"
kid: "It's SEMI-PRODUCTIVE procrastination."
by LivingIt September 21, 2010
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