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n. The overly aggressive male at your local watering hole that possesses little tact and even less self-awareness. This gentleman is often referred to as Lurch, Creeper, Stalky McStalkerton and Ew.

When in close proximity of a CVC, exercise extreme caution in drink guarding as he is likely to slip you a dose of Rufinol appropriate for an Ox-cart toting beast. CVC's are typically listed on your neighborhoods sex offender registry.
"Hey, can we bail soon? Creepy VonCreepenstein over there is giving me the date rape gaze."

"Did you see that guy lurching over Amanda? What a Creeper!"
by LittleOleLianna February 02, 2010
n. A nick-name befitting of any two friends with "tine" at the ends of their names.

Ex: Justine or Christine
"What? You don't like the taste of boot in your mouth?! Well that's how Team Tine rolls...SKANK!"
by LittleOleLianna February 02, 2010
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