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2 definitions by LittleMac

An ill-mannered gentleman; On the one hand he's rude and brash, making you want to call him a cunt, but you also recognise there is a gentlemanly aura surrounding him.
(A man crashes into your car)
Car crash victim: 'EEEEEEYYYY, CUNT'
Cuntleman: 'Oh dear, what crude language! I'm terribly sorry but i believe it was your fault, young sir'
Car crash victim: 'Ok, sorry, i take it back. '
by littlemac June 26, 2012
9 0
A form of fellaccio. When a man punches a bitch in the mouth hard enough to knock-out her upper and lower front teeth and makes her give him a bloody gummy-job.
This chick wanted to experience the Mike Tyson Punchout lastnight, so I knocked out her teeth and she gave me the best gummy-job ever! Bad thing is she got blood all over my clothes - but the dentist says he can fix her teeth!
by LittleMac September 04, 2009
8 11